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Spring Blossom  –  SS01
Aqua  –  SS02
Red Wine  –  SS03
Calligraphy  –  SS04
Marine  –  SS05                    
Apple Blossom  –  SS06
Winter Garden  –  SS07
Hebrides II  –  SS08
Sweet Pea  –  SS09

Please could you label SS01 to SS09 inclusive as “Reserved “.
Rich Purples  –  SS10
Hebrides I  –  SS11
Silver Pink  –  SS12
Autumn Glory  –  SS13
Fiesta  –  SS14       – Please could you also label this one as ” Reserved “.

Please could you label these from SD01 to SD18 ( ignoring the ” sold ” one ), perhaps working from left to right down the rows. I could write each one out in detail, but it would take ages & as none of these are in the Textiles Fair, I don’t think it matters. If you would like me to then of course I will.

LAVENDER  BAGS  ( again, please ignore the ” sold ” one ).
Again, the first five are from the Fair Listing, so don’t match the image sequence on the Gallery page.
Purples/Pinks/ lime green ribbon  –  LB01
Pastel colours/magenta ribbon  –  LB02
Navy/White/white ribbon  –  LB03
Multicoloured Batik design/purple ribbon  –  LB04
Greens/Blues/pale pink ribbon  –  LB05

Please could you label  LB01 to LB05 inclusive as ” Reserved “.

Pastel colours/purple ribbon  –  LB06
Pinks/Greens/Silver Grey/pale green ribbon  –  LB07
Pinks/Greens/Silver Grey/blue ribbon  –  LB08
Multicoloured + Salt patterns/gold ribbon  –  LB09
Greens/Blues/magenta ribbon  –  LB10
Bright Pinks/pale blue ribbon  LB11
Silver/Blues/magenta pink ribbon  –  LB12