Hue and Dye - scarves-painted silk-M WilmotHand painted silk scarves, approx. 40 x 191cm, with hand-rolled hems (by me). Seven hours work plus steaming.

The dyes move and blend uniquely each time, depending on the temperature, humidity and tension within the silk. I use Habotai 8 ( a medium weight silk ) for these scarves, with a smooth, even weave that takes the dyes up evenly and has a beautiful sheen. After steam-fixing the hems are hand-rolled and stitched using fine silk thread, which I dye to match the garment. Finally the scarf is gently hand washed and ironed to remove any surplus dye or remaining resist.

£42.00 each (unless stated otherwise) with free delivery within UK.

May be hand washed or dry-cleaned.

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